Salon Retail Week

Salon Retail Week is now finished for 2018. However, there is no need to wait another calendar year for you to smash your retail targets. That is why we have bundled up all the tasks and challenges into this easy-to-access package:

Yes, that is the goal for Salon Retail Week:
Sign up now, select a date that you and your team would like to begin your very own Salon Retail Week and we will guide you and your team to sell all of a chosen product line by the end of the week — Retail Saturday!

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There are 2 things that every salon sells: Services and Products.
However, most salons are only focusing their time and attention on one side of the game.
This means that the biggest opportunity for your salon is within your reach. And we are here to help you grasp it.

It’s time we give your retail game the boost that it deserves!

From the creators of the industry-favourite #30days2Grow Challenge, For seven days straight, you will receive a message that contains your retail task for the day. And each task has been carefully calibrated to get your product line off your shelf and into the hands of the people that need it the most >>> Your Clients.

This is a free collaborative event, designed for you and your team to work together to truly see the impact that consistently selling retail can have on your overall business goals and targets.*
*Each task is achievable on the day by you and your team without advanced preparation.


But you can join our exclusive Facebook group as well, to keep up-to-date with a community of over 1,200 salon owners and professionals who have taken part in Salon Retail Week!

Selling Retail Has Never Been This Simple:

Sign Up Today and let’s clear your shelf together!

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