Salon Retail Week 2019

The award-winning salon retail event of the year is back!

Do you want to increase your revenue by 78% in just one week?

Sign up now, and starting on Monday, August 19th, you will smash your retail targets like never before.

From the creators of the industry-favourite #30days2Grow Challenge, for seven days straight, you will receive a message that contains your retail task for the day. And each task has been carefully crafted to get your product line off your shelf and into the hands of the people that need it the most: Your Clients.
This is a free collaborative event, designed for you and your team to work together to truly see the impact that consistently selling retail can have on your overall business goals and targets.*

It’s time we give your retail game the boost that it deserves!

*Each task is achievable on the day by you and your team without advanced preparation.

Grow Your Team Collaboration & Your Revenue Together

Sign Up Today and join the hundreds of salons from around the world as they increase their revenue in one week by 78% (or match one of last year’s salons that peaked at a 95% increase in retail sales!):

Here’s what last year’s participants had to say: 

“I was astonished when I worked out the percentage increase!”

– Julie Burgess, Leigh Sanctuary Day Spa, UK

“Wholeheartedly recommend Salon Retail Week. Great fun and a great initiative for a team with new members and new product lines to push. Customers don’t know what you have until you tell them and show them.”

– Alex Rickard, The Dublin Make-Up Academy, Ireland

“I didn’t have to do much to get my team involved in Salon Retail Week. We have our private messaging group, and so when I saw the challenge on Facebook, I posted it in the group and said ‘Let’s make this happen!’ We were working on our retail anyways; it came at a perfect time.”

– Marcy Lawler, Legion Hair Studio, Pennsylvania

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